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serie bleu.

Serie Bleu is a modern line of superior performance centrifugal pumps, designed with an understanding of the sophisticated needs in today's demands in industrial, municipal supply, agriculture and commercial (building services) applications. Incorporating computer-aided technology and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, coupled with advances in recent hydraulic and manufacturing technology, Serie Bleu thereby offers optimum performance at a competitive level, reliability and long service life with lesser down time and low maintenance cost.

Bleu's extensive range comprises various pump types, with discharge bore sizes ranging from 32mm to the largest outlet of 1000mm, was developed to meet a wide demand of flowrates and pressure heads. With capabilities of handling flows up to 15,000 m3/hr and pressure heads up to 39 bar, ensures the best hydraulic selection of the most suitable pump type, with optimised operating efficiency to meet specific operating duty point.

Depending on pumping requirements and specific applications, Serie Bleu offers versatility in configuring various material executions and seal types to meet application needs.