Designed in accordance to international standard of ISO2858, Vector is a range of single-stage, vertical centrifugal pumps, with in-line flanged suction and discharge ports, driven by an electric motor. Vector is characterised by the compact build of the pump, ease in installation; and servicing & maintenance when required.

The vertical in-line construction allows direct mounting into pipework to realise the savings in installation cost and space, when compared to horizontal base-mounted pumpsets. Where space is limited and piping configuration and accessibility for maintenance are important, Vector is the ideal option.

Except the volute casing, most of Vector parts are interchangeable with Monoflo ISO-Magna Series end suction centrifugal pumps, simplifying maintenance and spare parts inventory.


Building services

Water transfer & pressure systems; central air-conditioning systems; fire protection; swimming pools & water feature applications. 


Circulation for machine cooling, process water in paper & pulp, iron & steel mills and sugar industry; marine & shipbuilding; and other manufacturing processes.


Mine general water supply; mine dewatering; generation of power; mining process. 


operating limits.

Liquid handled

Clean water, industrial water or slightly-aggressive liquid compatible to pump material of construction.

Working pressure

Maximum working pressure up to 16 bar. Pressure rating up to 24 bar available as option.


Maximum capacity up to 110 litres/sec or 400 m3/hr.

Discharge pressure

Maximum discharge pressure up to 16 bar or 160 metres.

Operating temperature

Temperature range of medium pumped, from - 15oC to 80oC. Higher temperature up to 105oC, with optional mechanical seals.

Operating speed

Maximum operating speed up to 2,900 r.p.m. at 50Hz and 3,600 r.p.m. at 60Hz.

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