Monoflo 'HydraPlus' or 'Hydra+' series is a multi-stage ring section designed for medium to high head applications. The range covers 10 sizes, up to 13 stages for most sizes. The versatile and modular design, increase the level of interchangeability of parts between the various models-sizes of pumps.

Design excellence | Optimum hydraulic design, ensuring minimum number of stages, hence reducing shaft length and distance between bearings. This results in minimum pump wear, thus extending its operating reliability and life efficiency.

Where space is a constraint, Hydra+ can be vertically mounted(Model HDV) with no compromise in its performance.


Building services

General water transfer; pressure supply booster systems; fire protection (fighting) & water feature applications.


Hot & cold water circulationl pumping machine cooling; process water; marine & shipbuilding; and other manufacturing processes.


Mine general water supply; mine dewatering; generation of power; mining process.


Horticultural irrigation & sprinkler sys.

operating limits.

Liquid handled

Clean water or slighty-aggressive liquid compatible to pump material of construction.

Working pressure

HD(V)25 to HD(V)65 Up to 40 bar [-10oC ~ 120oC]
Up to 30 bar [-120oC ~ 190oC]
HD(V)80 to HD(V)200 Up to 30 bar [-10oC ~ 120oC]
Up to 27 bar [-120oC ~ 190oC]


Maximum capacity up to 139 litres/sec (500m3/hr).

Discharge head

Maximum discharge pressure up to 395 metres (39 bar).

Operating temperature

Up to 105oC ~ 140oC with standard shaft seals and optional cooling.

From 140oC to 190oC, with special seals and cooling arrangements.

Operating speed

Nominal operating speed is 2,900 r.p.m. at 50Hz and 3,600 r.p.m. at 60Hz.


In accordance to ISO7005.2:1998

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