the company

‘To supply Pumps that meet all your fluid handling needs’…that was the objective that the company has set out to achieve. Through more than 40 years of integration with distributors, pump users, engineers and even facility owners, Monoflo has garnered a wealth of experience in the various industries. With this, Monoflo has developed a range of pumps that meets the varied needs in the market.

Embracing constant product development, with up to date facilities and a skillful engineers, the quality and relevance of the products are maintained, meeting exacting standards in the industry.

With headquarters in Australia, Monoflo has a distribution network that covers Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Middle East, Indo-China and as far away as Kathmandu, Nepal, reaching out and making a name that spells reliability and quality – ‘ Monoflo...engineering flow in our lives’


In today's world, water, a quintessential part of our daily lives, has become so conveniently available that we tend to take for granted that when a tap is turned on, water would flow. Deprived of this convenience, our lives get turned upside down.

To maintain an expected level of comfort in our daily lives, modern buildings are engineered with various amenities and equipments that would either control the environment for our comfort, provide potable water for our nourishment, fill swimming pools for our recreation, provide fire protection water to safeguard our wellbeing and properties, and even water features creating aesthetically pleasing features that enhance our quality of life.

Monoflo, with superior engineered products, ensure that pumps supplied meet and exceed the basic expectations of fluid handling. We understand that it has become a part of our daily lives, without pumps providing for our every need in building services, life would become chaotic.

We ensure that every time a pump is turned on, water flows... Monoflo 'engineers' flow in our lives.