MEETING HYDRAULIC REQUIREMENTS IN THE CLASSIFICATION OF OCCUPANCIES-HAZARD GROUPS, FOR A SPRINKLER SYSTEM | The comprehensive range of End Suction Pumps, Model RLS, performs in accordance to AS2941. It is designed to meet a range of flowrates required in the various hazard group classification - the Ordinary Hazard Class for fire sprinkler systems, from OH Group 1, 2 & 3, to OH Group Special Class and Extra High Hazard.

END SUCTION BACK PULLOUT PUMPS | Manufactured in high grade cast iron, this DIN24255 end suction pump is of centreline discharge design for automatic self venting. The impellers, which are dynamically balanced, are of enclosed type. Replaceable wear rings are fitted as standard. The pump shaft is fitted with a protecting sleeve, and is supported by an angular thrust type bearing on the hydraulic end and a single row deep groove ball bearing on the coupling end.

The pump features a back pullout design which allows the whole hydraulic assembly to be removed from the pump casing for maintenance and service without disturbing the pipework. The mounting feet is integrally casted to the casing.

PACKAGED SYSTEM | RedLine can be supplied in a factory-assembled package fire unit comprising the pump, its driver and a controller, mounted on a common frame as an integral system. The package shall also include pressure gauges.

Controllers are factory pre-wired to the pump driver. Diesel engine driven units also include starting batteries, fuel tank and fuel lines factory-piped to and from the engine.


Depend on Redline to protect and minimise loss of lives and properties. Redline is installed to play critical integral role in various fire protection systems in buildings and facilities.

Where Redline fire systems are installed.

Commercial Buildings

Office buildings, condominiums, hotels, shopping malls, schools & institutions, hospitals, prisons, subway stations, entertainment and sports complexes.

Industrial Facilities

Warehouses, mills, shipyards, chemical storage facilities and factories.

operating limits.

Liquid handled

Clean water.

Working pressure

Maximum working pressure up to 12 bar and for the 'high-head' models, maximum pressure up to 16 bar.


Maximum capacity up to 8400 litres/min or 500 m3/hr.

Discharge head

Maximum discharge pressure up to 15 bar or 150 metres.

Operating temperature

The ambient temperature shall not exceed 40oC and maximum temperature of medium pumped up to 60oC.

Operating speed

Nominal operating speed is 2,900 rpm. at 50Hz.

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