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Redline | RL D

serie redline

Redline | RL D

HORIZONTAL SPLIT CASE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS | Where higher flows are required, RedLine offers Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumpset (Model RLD) with options to be electric motor or diesel engine driven. They feature capacities up to 20 000 USGPM (75 500 lit/min) covering a wide range of pressures.

With its split case design, the pump is serviceable in-line without disturbing the piping, simplifying inspection and disassembly. The impeller is a hydraulically-balanced, double-suction, staggered vane design, which ensures quiet operation, minimum vibration, low pulsation, low NPSH-required and optimum flow. With this balanced construction, the thrust load is reduced, hence prolonging the life of the bearings.

PACKAGED SYSTEM | RedLine can be supplied in a factory-assembled package fire unit comprising the pump, its driver and a controller, mounted on a common frame as an integral system. The package shall also include pressure gauges.

Controllers are factory pre-wired to the pump driver. Diesel engine driven units also include starting batteries, fuel tank and fuel lines factory-piped to and from the engine.


Depend on Redline to protect and minimise loss of lives and properties. Redline is installed to play critical integral role in various fire protection systems in buildings and facilities.

Where Redline fire systems are installed.

Commercial Buildings

Office buildings, condominiums, hotels, shopping malls, schools & institutions, hospitals, prisons, subway stations, entertainment and sports complexes.

Industrial Facilities

Warehouses, mills, shipyards, chemical storage facilities and factories.

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