Excellent design features place Monoflo Linear stainless steel vertical multistage in-line pump at a high level of quality and optimum performance.

Understanding today demanding requirements in the pumping applications in building services as well as in the fields of industrial & manufacturing, Linear is designed to fulfill all these.

Linear comprises an extensive range of models with various number of stages to meet flowrates and pressure heads up to 1250 litres/min and 29bars respectively.


Building services

General water transfer, pressure boosting; chilled & condenser water circulation in central air-conditioning systems; fire hosereel; landscaping & water feature applications. 


Water circulation & machine cooling, boiler feed; high pressure washing systems; heat exchanger and other industrial processes. 


Water treatment system handling non-aggressive liquid; ultra-filtration systems; reverse osmosis. 


Horticultural Irrigation systems; light irrigation from lawns & gardens; sprinkler application.

operating limits.

Liquid handled

Clean water or slightly-aggressive liquid compatible to AISI 304/316.

Working pressure

Maximum working pressure up to 30 bar dependence on temperature of fluid handled and the number of impeller stages.


Maximum capacity up to 1,251 litres/min or 75 m3/hr.

Discharge pressure

Maximum discharge pressure up to 29 bar or 290 metres.

Operating temperature

The ambient temperature shall not exceed 40oC. Temperature range of medium pumped, from - 15oC to 120oC.

Operating speed

Nominal operating speed is 2,900 r.p.m. at 50Hz ,and 3,600 r.p.m. at 60Hz.

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