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engineering flow in our lives...

the product range

Monoflo products consist of a comprehensive range of pump types covering a wide spectrum of applications. It covers from small pressed stainless steel close-coupled centrifugal pumps for general water transfer needs to very large horizontal split cases used in district cooling systems and municipal water supply. Depending on application and requirement, Monoflo offers specific pump type for its purpose. Its extensive range was developed to meet a wide demand of flowrates and pressure heads. This ensures the best hydraulic selection of a most suitable pump, with optimised operating efficiencies and lowest power consumption, to meet specific operating points.

In industrial applications, Monoflo Pumps are used in machine cooling, process water pumping and irrigation services. In building services applications, you would find Monoflo Pumps installed in central air conditioning systems, water transfers, booster systems, swimming pool applications and fire protection systems.

Monoflo offers a wide range of material combinations for specific application requirements; cast iron casings with bronze impellers, cast duplex stainless steel casings and impellers, fully pressed stainless steel as well as nylon-coated cast iron casing pumps if the operating condition calls for.

Submersible pumps are also available for normal dewatering or drainage application or for deepwell pumping applications.