4th quarter of 2015 saw the launch of two ranges of Monoflo submersible pumps – ‘ASTRO’ Series and ‘DRACO’ Series.

‘ASTRO’ is a range of dewatering submersible pumps designed for effective handling of water and waste. It is robust, compact and reliable, and suitable in a wide range of sump pump and drainage applications. The ASTRO series, with a strainer at the pump inlet, is recognisable with its corrosion resistant SUS304 stainless steel motor casing, which enables a longer service life; and gives it an attractive appearance. For more information on ASTRO click here.

The ‘DRACO’ features a range of robust, compact and reliable submersible pumps, particularly suitable for effective handling of sewage and waste water containing fecal or fibrous matter, widely applicable in both commercial buildings and industrial plants. The hydraulics with the various impeller options, ensures blockage-free operation. Click here for more detailed information and data for the DRACO series.