Monoflo Associates with the Best Airport in the World | 2008 Dec

Singapore Changi Airport, since its opening in 1981, has made its mark in the aviation industry as a benchmark for service excellence. The airport, winning over 280 awards in a 20-year span from 1987 to 2007 and with 19 'Best Airport' awards won in 2007 alone, to counter the onset of age include periodic physical upgrades to its existing terminals, building of new facilities and taking steps to provide a high level of customer service.

In Changi's constant upgrading and expansion exercise, Monoflo is proud to be part of this effort. In Q4 of 2008, six units of Monoflo Kompact Horizontal Split Case pumpsets (KPC250x150 c/w 45kW electric motors), were installed in the New Finger Pier extension at Terminal One. These pumps are for the circulation of chilled & condenser water in the central air-conditioning system.

Monoflo was again the preferred make of pump in the upgrading of the Terminal Two ACMV plantroom. By Q1 2009, will see four large existing horizontal split cases replaced by our Kompact HSC...

  • 2 units KPD350x250 | 185kW electric motors
  • 1 unit KPD350x250 | 150kW electric motor
  • 1 unit KPD350x250 | 110kW electric motor